Posted December 15, 2016 by Dian Raval in Gaming

Experience Winter Wonderland in Overwatch Starting Today

Overwatch have had a series of seasonal events already since it launched, so it’s no surprise that we’re in for a holiday treat this Christmas season. Prepare to get into the holiday spirit in Overwatch because their seasonal event: Winter Wonderland starts today!


Just like their previews seasonal events, Winter Wonderland offers special holiday loot crates filled with holiday-themed goodies; from emotes and sprays, to skins and highlight intros. As usual, these goodies are even-exclusive, the only way to get them is by unlocking them from Winter Wonderland lootboxes or purchased with your in-game currency during the even period. Once unlocked, these goodies are yours to use even after the event ends.


Winter Wonderland also introduces a new brawl into the mix: Mei’s Snowball Offensive. It’s a 6v6, single-elimination snowball fight featuring everyone’s favorite bae. Her weapon has been reconfigured to launch snowballs that delivers devastating 1-hit KOs. You better not miss a shot though or you’ll have to look for a nearby snow-pile to reload whilst avoiding hay-maker delivering snowballs yourself. Fill up your ultimate meter and you can turn your blaster into a semi-automatic snowball cannon that can obliterate anything that moves.


Winter Wonderland is also giving Hanamura and King’s Row a festive makeover! All of this will be available for the next three weeks so gather your friends and have fun in Winter Wonderland!

Dian Raval

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