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Sail Treacherous Seas And Fight Crocodiles in Risen 2: Dark Waters

Risen 2: Dark Waters isn’t about stopping huge lizards from burning a vast countryside into ashes, nor is it an intergalactic duel against the Milky Way’s unidentified foreigners. The game is about piracy. Treasure hunting and seafaring best describe Risen 2: Dark Waters, but there is more to this game that meets the eye(patch).

Aside from jumping from one tropical island to another, Risen 2: Dark Waters has this interesting storyline that places the game’s unnamed pillager into a mission to stop the rampaging Titans from taking over.


There’s a lot of gameplay content in Risen 2: Dark Waters, but none of them tries to re-invent the role-playing genre in general. The setting is quite promising – a pirate returns from a triumphant victory against a Titan and finds himself battling hordes of them. Piranha Bytes’ Risen didn’t actually sit well with players, since the game was crippled with horrible in-game hiccups given that it had the potential to attract an audience that do not have a concrete idea on how fun navigating different terrains and pristine locales can be in a different world or viewpoint.

Despite Risen’s failure to make a solid name for itself, Piranha Bytes has surfaced back from the deep, murky waters to deliver Risen 2: Dark Waters as 2012’s Dark Horse Title of the Year.

Risen 2: Dark Waters features is not an open-world fantasy where players can choose to explore segmenting roads or trenches. Various locations are sub-divided into islands, which serve as a great training ground for players to develop their combat skills. Islands are home to dangerous creatures and lawless elements and just like any conventional RPGs out there, players can rough them up for the experience. Additionally, Risen 2: Dark Waters is loaded with quests that are irrelevant to the main storyline.

The game also remains faithful of disengaging from gameplay staples like spell casting or contracting with evil spirits through a dark ritual. You’re just a pirate armed to the teeth with swords and guns.

Publisher Deep Silver will try to sink Risen’s deplorable reputation as Risen 2: Dark Waters splashes into the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on April 24, 2012. Check out a 2-minute preview of the game courtesy of Digital Trends.

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