Posted February 29, 2016 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

SCIENCE COMBAT: A Science Slugfest!


Before Fighting games became the beautiful 3D rendered games that they are today, all of them started out as Sprites. No, they are not the fairies or the soda but the computer graphics sprite. If you are not familiar, sprites are defined as two-dimensional images or animation that is integrated into a larger scene. For example, older games like Street Fighter II and King of Fighters all used sprites.

Now, what if we we’re to create a fighting game using sprites that features history’s greatest scientists? You might think it’s boring but you might want to think over after you see the following images. Artist Diego Sanches has reimagined famous scientists as fighting characters and gave them abilities based on their scientific discoveries.


Titled as Science Combat, this pixel art animation was made for the Brazilian magazine, Superinteressante. The full roster for this imagined fighting game includes the following:

Stephen Hawking


Albert Einstein

Albert-EinsteinCharles Darwin

CharlesDarwinMarie Curie


Nikola Tesla


Issac Newton



PythagorasSomeone should fund and convince Diego and make this game into a reality! This game would not only be a battle of minds but a full-blown fighting game complete with special moves! Now, we can only wonder who would emerge as the greatest scientist of them all.

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