Posted July 17, 2018 by Drew Bagay in Gaming

WATCH: Nathan Fillion Stars in This Uncharted Short Film

Hollywood has been trying to develop an Uncharted movie since the games became a huge success. While that is stuck in development hell (as most video game movies are), at least we can enjoy this short film.

The actor teased this project in the past few days on his Instagram, posting clues that fans quickly figured to be Nathan Drake -the Indiana Jones-type, treasure hunting protagonist of the game . It shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, since Nathan Fillion’s name keeps popping up in fancastings for Uncharted. He sounds like him, looks like him, and definitely has the acting chops to support it.

Now, director Allan Ungar has made our wishes come true in this short film starring Fillion himself as Nathan Drake and Stephen Lang as Sully. The result is fantastic.

Check out the fan film below.

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