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World Of Warcraft’s 10th Anniversary Event Promises Nostalgic Events And Molten Corgis!

Molten Corgi WoW

World of Warcraft (WoW) is turning 10 this November, and in commemoration of this huge milestone Blizzard has whipped up some nostalgia-packed events inspired by the PvP and 40-man raids of WoW’s early years!

Those who played the game in its “vanilla” days and earlier expansions know that the game isn’t what it used to be, having gone through several changes over its 10-year existence including map expansions, region revamps, and talent system simplifications. However, Blizzard is calling all its players back to celebrate this November by honoring WoW’s roots – and offering Molten Corgis to boot!

Players can acquire these Molten Corgis simply by logging in during WoW’s anniversary event. But the molten goodness doesn’t end with these fiery little creatures – WoW is also bringing max-level players a special 40-player Raid Finder version for Molten Core, which provided many players with their first taste of raiding in the game.

According to Blizzard, downing the notorious Firelord Ragnaros will earn each raid member an achievement and a special Core Hound mount reward!

To recapture early PvP-ers’ memories of the eternal tug-of-war between Alliance and Horde players at Tarren Mill and Southshore, Blizzard will also be opening a Team Deathmatch-style Battleground based on the two forces’ timeless struggle.

Blizzard has not announced any specific dates yet for the anniversary event, but it will most likely begin around November 23 – WoW’s official anniversary date.

While these special encounters may tug more at the heartstrings of older players, the newer generation might also enjoy this unique chance to experience a few elements of the well-loved MMO’s early years.

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