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GEEK GIVEAWAY: The Christmas ABSOLUTE Giveaway!

EXTENDED until JANUARY 26!! — Winners will be announced January 31!

Welcome to another GEEK GIVEAWAY, where we give our readers, fans and friends a chance to win or take home geeky prizes! All throughout the year, for all those who have took interest on our giveaways – from movie tickets, comic books, steam codes and more … We wish to thank you by, well, giving out more free stuff!! And this Decebmer and with the Christmas spirit in the air we present you with this year’s ABSOLUTE version of GEEK GIVEAWAY!

For now we have a bunch of geek stuff that you’d be interested in. Consolation items for this giveaway are

Life of PI (novel) by Yann Martel

– TIKTIK : The Aswang Chronicles (comic adaptation of the movie)

– The Walking Dead volume 1 (graphic novel).

Game of Thrones Shirt (sponsored by House of Flair)

Also, more items may be added so be sure to check back on this page every now and then. Lastly, this giveaway wouldn’t be called “Absolute” if there’s no ABOSLUTE grand prize! But we haven’t figured out that part yet and we want you to help us decide!! If you also have other choices or suggestions please feel free to comment. But as of now, the ABSOLUTE GEEK GIVEAWAY starts, good luck fellow Flipgeeks!

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- LIKE and SHARE this post. (The more it gets LIKEs, the more the items to be given away!)

- Simply comment on this post telling us your giveaway choice, and use your active email address (will be used in contacting the winners) when you post your comment.

- EVERYONE CAN JOIN. Just make sure that if you do win, that you can personally or have someone pick up your prize here in METRO MANILA, Philippines.

- Winners will be announced here in Flipgeeks at the end of December (UPDATE: January 31), and winners will officially be emailed.

- Extra: It would be very cool if you could share or tweet this ABSOLUTE GEEK GIVEAWAY, because you know, more feedback and joiners equals MORE PRIZES!


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