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Scream out ‘DRACARYS!!’ with this GEEK GIVEAWAY (June)

We here in FlipGeeks.com know that there are a lot of Game of Thrones fans here in the Philippines. We also know that it is important for us to give something back to all our readers and followers, especially to those who always check out our site for new content on geek culture! Hence, we’re giving away this Pop! Funko Drogon vinyl figure for this month’s GEEK GIVEAWAY! Hurry and join now and of course, tell your friends about it!


FlipGeeks Geek Giveaway for JUNE 2016 : DROGON


Like all the geek giveaways before, this new one’s mechanics is easy! Hope all of you will join and continue to support FlipGeeks.com and its geek giveaway program (which we are trying to make as a MONTHLY program, yes you read it right.).

STEP 1. LIKE our official Facebook page — FlipGeeks
STEP 2. TAG your friends in the comments section of this Photo and SHARE the photo.

1 Winner will be announced on July 2-12NN (Monday). This giveaway is open to EVERYONE, but you have to make sure that you (or a proxy) are able to pick the items up here in Metro Manila, Philippines!

Oh you might be sad because, we’re only giving one out. Don’t worry FlipGeeks believer, we’ll be announcing our next Geek Giveaway for the month of July right after this one ends!! The more the merrier! Good luck and don’t forget to visit our site daily at www.flipgeeks.com !


If you you’re a business owner or you want to reach out to our audience through our Geek Giveaway and other FlipGeeks program, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: tonytuason@flipgeeks.net . We’d love to help you out :D


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