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With the advent of digital photography, it would seem that the path to a professional route became difficult, if not harrowing. Gone were the days where only a fortunate few possess the privilege of pursuing a photographic career. Now that it has become easier and accessible than the yesteryears, more and more people would jump in to the bandwagon at every moment, with each of them claiming their stake at the battlefield. It takes skill, perserverance, style and raw talent to stand out and break free from the norm. 1374748_10152033032355734_1626960129_n

Luckily, for Professional Lensman Von Buenconsejo, he had all the aforementioned traits above, and it took him to places, giving him the stature as one of the country’s top fashion photographers to date. The journey might have been long, but it was all worth it.

His Life Before Photography

Von Oneil started his career in the corporate word as an Information Technology Specialist in some of the most prestigious banking institutions in the country, where he was entrusted with developing security programs for their systems. However, he knew that a bigger world awaits him, which prompted him to co-found startups such as bidtraveler.com(an online travel auction company) and the like.

It initially appeared as if he’s not bound for a photographic route given his previous job. Apparently, it was his designing gig for La Salle that opened a door for him.

The Advent

“It was accidental actually, because I made a social networking site for LA SALLE Community(green book.ph), then I needed a sports photographer to cover basketball games and other UAAP and NCCA games but this guy didn’t show up. That was the time I decided to buy my own camera, where it lead me to meet my first mentor Winston Baltasar”, said Von.

Von's first featured work for Fashion Week Brooklyn.

Von’s first featured work for Fashion Week Brooklyn.

He attended some of Winston Baltasar’s workshops after the said gig, until he made the jump and became one of his proteges. Eventually, he realized that he wants to take a professional career in photography, which made him seek apprenticeship under two of the fashion world’s leading shooters – glamour and fashion veteran Doc Marlon Pecjo and international photographer Lope Navo. Under their tutelage, Von learned the ropes of the industry, and gained the skills necessary to become a full-pledged pro.

As of writing, he had worked with a couple of international and local magazines, as well as numerous fashion ad campaigns under his ledger.

Photo: Von Buenconsejo

Photo: Von Buenconsejo

As A Photographer

As with any other shooter, Von has a specific set of mantra and beliefs, something which is apparent with his photos. He has a full grasp of his style, which in turn, attracted a lot of potential clients to his fold.

“My style ideology is about striking the balance among the elements of what makes a great photograph remarkable. It is a holistic approach bringing one’s imagination into reality – emanating deeper into the mind, body and soul of one’s quintessence.” He believes that a great photo should create a lasting impact into the minds of the viewers, while tickling their imagination at the process.

Von's editorial for Illustrado Magazine

Von’s editorial for Illustrado Magazine

He also had this concept called “Imagine.Achieve,” an ideology which he lives by as a professional lensman. He explains that every creative process begins with thorough thinking and planning, before laying all the ideas and executing them to fruition. “In addition, the key ingredient to a successful photography career is to always have FUN in everything that you do because it matters. “

When asked about his insights in photography, he mused, “I think photography is a lifetime learning, you will never get to point where you will stop and say you have done everything there is to do, it is constantly evolving with times, that is why, it is important for you have to develop your own personal style. Your personal style should come from within your own inner soul. You create scenarios outside of the frame to give viewers a sneak peak of what is going on to establish interest and engage everyone involved.”

He added that the works of Winston Baltasar, Lope Navo, Doc Marlon Pecjo, Mert & Marcus, Terry Richardson, Mario Testino,Steven Meisel, and Ellen Von Unwerth inspired him in helming his own, distinct style.

Photo: Von Buenconsejo

Photo: Von Buenconsejo

Outside Photography

One might ask: What if Von didn’t pursue a photographic career? What would become of him as we speak. Turns out, it is something very simple.

“I think I’ll be a chef ’cause until now I still love cooking and I’m still joining bazaars for my food cart KATSURIFIC & WILD WINGS.” Whenever he keeps his gears, he makes it a point to revisit his first love and share it with everyone through events as such. It is also quite noticeable with the number of food photos he uploads every now and then.

He also shared that he is a big fan of Superman, having his own collection based on the iconic DC Comics character. We then asked him: Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? “SUPERMAN of course! I’m a big fan of Superman ever since I was a kid. I have complete set of bed sheets and pillow of superman plus some collectible stuffs.”

To The Future

Definitely, there’s no stopping Von in his pursuit of photography nirvana. Soon, he’ll be doing an editorial for a UK publication and other magazines, plus a couple of campaigns to boot. Given his upcoming gigs and current published works, we could say that there’s more that awaits him beyond what he has already achieved today.

He imparted this message to startups who also desire of taking the same route he traveled: “Just shoot shoot and shoot. It will improve your shooting skills. Practice Photoshop ’cause everyone right now is using Photoshop. Try to create your own style in shooting and editing. Don’t copy the work of those who are on top, but rather, make them your inspiration.”

Check out some samples from his portfolio below:






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