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This week on “The Workplace” and “Suit Up!” (and the things that you missed last episode)

Don’t forget to watch Suit Up, as “” joins Marybeth Nave on tomorrow’s episode which will be aired around 12noon-1pm , Channel: 8 Destiny Cable, 1 GSat Southeast Asia.

And in case you haven’t watched a single episode of “The Workplace” or “Suit Up”, the shows highlights and features really cool and great people. And they talk about a lot of things like Art, Fashion, what they do, passion and other interesting things that you don’t usually hear and things that you thought that didn’t exist in our country!

The Workplace

Title: Dancing for Life
Aired: December 5, 2011, 12noon-1pm
Channel: 8 Destiny Cable, 1 GSat Southeast Asia

Guest: Edna Ledesma
2005 Blackpool England World Senior Latin Champion

- She also used to be one of the judges of Shall We Dance
– Dance Teacher, freelance
– International Latin (cha-cha, samba, rumba, paso doble, jive, salsa, mambo)
Argentine Tango
– Does dance shows, lectures and demonstrations in Latin and Argentine Tango
– Competed extensively in Latin from 1996 – 2005
– Trained extensively in International Latin from 1998 to 2005 by British teachers such as Marita Withers, Paul Harris, Sammy Stopford, Myck Stylianos, Lorna Lee, David Sycamore and many other professional adjudicators and champions in the world.
– Trained extensively in Argentine Tango by Gladys Fernandez, Miguel Zotto, Jorge Torres, and others, some of the best dancers in the world.


Our pilot episode aired last November 25, and for those who didn’t catch it, the show featured Mr. Michael Kho Lim (pictured above). Michael is the Executive Director of ACPI (Animation Council of the Philippines), and talked about AnimahenasyonAnimahenasyon is the Council’s flagship project that aims to build an audience base, increase their awareness, and showcase original Filipino animated works through a multi-category competition for both aspiring and professional animators in the country.

So for people, especially students who have skills in animation and those who are interested, now you know that there are events and organizations in the industry that you can belong to. And part of our job here in FlipGeeks, is to let people know of these kind of events, so tune in regularly for future news on events like Animahenasyon.


The show also featured Frank Wedde of Memolife and Pencilbrush (we have an ongoing Art contest, please check it out).  The title of the segment with Frank was “Lasting Memory”, in which he shared with us things about, well, having a good memory on things. The show was really great, because he shared with us some techniques on how to better remember things, and most importantly how to have fun while doing these techniques. If you are interested on how to double your memory, train your brain and increase your knowledge, you can check out their website at Memolife.

Check out some images below for some behind-the-scenes fun with Marybeth, the FlipGeeks boys and the guests:

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