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The Comic Book Group 2011 Awards – Comic Book Related News of the Year

CBG’s Comic Book Related News of the Year (2011) — The DCnU

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DCnU DC Comics New 52

“The DCnU”
by Amado Aparentado

They never thought it would happen. They never thought it would succeed. It was too much of a risk, they said. Who would want to read rebooted relics of the Silver Age? They were wrong. DC, synonymously known as the number two of the “Big Two” (with Marvel seemingly numero uno for an eternity), DC Comics broke out of it’s shell and did the unthinkable.

For three months-straight, The Home of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes were able to win both the market share and dollar share of sales (with Marvel eventually taking over a slim lead due to DC having no product sold in the 5th week of December.). In October nearly all of the previous month’s issues (#1s) were at the top 300 of Diamond Comics’ sales data. The highest selling title by Marvel, to be almost outsold by a DC title released a month before, was Avengers Academy (to Batman #1).

And those are only the numbers. What is more remarkable about the DC 52 relaunch is that it “saved” the industry by bringing in nerw readers, lapsed and retired hobbyists, and introduced the new generation to superhweroism. Gone are the ridiculous underwear over tights, the sappy fantasy magic, and the persisting 1960’s theme of the characters. What we have now are edgier and more compelling characters ina brave new universe. DC has been able to streamline its titles and outgrit the infamously gritty Marvel Universe.

As a kneejerk reaction, Marvel started cancelling its lower selling titles, even those with a solid fan base. They niow are planing to release two issues per title, a month, just to catch up and regain their dominance. Even DC’s Daily critic, Marvel’s Chief Editor Tom Brevoort, has softened his tone and is now concilatory with words and actions towards his rivals, giving them their long overdue respect.

From the years that DC almost sold some of its characters to their rivals (according to Jim Shooter’s Memoirs) to this very moment, What a long way we’ve come! Now DC is number One in the Big Two!

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