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MOVIE REVIEW: Suit Up and Become A Hero in BIG HERO 6!



Directed by: Don Hall & Chris Williams
Produced by: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Written By: Don Hall & Jordan Roberts
Starring: Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr., Genesis Rodriguez, T.J. Miller, Maya Rudolph, Scott Adsit
MTRCB Rating: 9
Genre: , , ,
9/ 10

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It's packed with fluid CG action, solid plot, mouth-opening moments, and heart.


This new approach might not suit a few hardcore fans.

Does Big Hero 6 live up to its hype? Find out, and read on!

Posted November 6, 2014 by


Here’s the usual trend when it comes to superhero movies: A big baddie comes out and trashes the city, an unlikely hero gets pushed to the scene, he takes up the spandex and fights, and a big, climactic showdown hits the metro. We have all seen this cycle repeat from time to time, with a few lucky flicks missing the bullet. We have seen so much of it that we felt the comic book movie genre getting old at some point. Big_Hero_6_film_poster

However, what if I tell you that these elements could be rehashed in a way that it will tug hearts and challenge the young demographic’s sensibilities(Oops, have I gone a bit deep down there? Not quite? Good.)? Were you able to imagine that? No, stop. That’s where Big Hero 6 comes in.

Based on Marvel’s superhero team of the same name, the movie tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a 13 year old science prodigy living within the suburbs of San Fransokyo(a portnanteau of San Francisco and Tokyo, if it isn’t that obvious), a fictional futuristic city. One day, he and his robot buddy Baymax uncovers a deadly criminal plot and creates a team of unlikely individuals to solve the mystery and stop Yokai from destroying the metropolis.

Sounds generic, doesn’t it? Luckily, the film pulls a lot more to beat the stereotypical tendencies of the CBM genre, creating a well-woven product in the process.

Not just for kids

In the vein of Disney’s previous cult hit Up, the film does not shy away from introducing the concept of loss, pain, and death to the young audience(By recollection, it’s the second Disney-produced CG film to blurt out the words ‘dead’ and ‘die’ easily.). The said ideas become a resonating theme within the story, as Hiro attempts to do everything he can to avenge his brother’s death and satiate the growing pain within. It also expounds on the aspect of accepting those elements as a part of life, plucking a few heartstrings and inducing tears along the way.

A pop-culture fest

Another thing that made Big Hero 6 eye-popping is its homage to Japanese and pop-culture. It was emphasized in a LOT of ways, starting with how San Fransokyo was designed. It’s a nice, theoretical mix of a typical Asian suburb inserted in a modern American neighborhood. One would also need a careful attention to detail, as numerous backdrops entail a few resemblances to known classics(e.g. Battle Fever J’s robot, Mazinger Z, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, even Kirby’s Fantastic Four take, among others). The story’s pacing and choice of composition is also akin to that of Anime, making it a grand nod of sorts to the growing otaku fever.

Lights, CG, and action!

Similar to Frozen, Big Hero 6 manages to pull all stops in terms of CG. The visuals are breathtaking, scenes are well-executed, and the expressions/movements are very fluid. The action sequences are worthy of praise, as a number of them made our jaws drop in sheer amusement. Disney definitely outdid themselves yet again with this one.

Solid voice acting

Furthermore, the cast also brings more color to the movie, giving their characters the justice they deserve. Ryan Potter hits bullseye in his portrayal of Hiro(which actually reminded me of Yuri Lowenthal’s Ben 10). He manages to bring angst, jest, and liveliness to our teen nerd hero. Scott Adsit’s take on the bumbling Baymax is nothing short of impressive, and helms the robot memorable, if not the most iconic element of the film. The same applies to the rest of the cast, making Big Hero 6 a cool experience to boot.

In conclusion,Big Hero 6 isn’t just your typical coming-of-age superhero ensemble. It’s a nicely packed story filled with heart, moments, and uncanny CG action. Definitely a must-watch for kids and kids-at-heart. If you’re looking for a family-date flick to watch this weekend, then save it on your list.

Should Baymax asks me if I’m satisfied with his care, I’ll gladly say YES and give him a hug.

Oh Baymax, you inflatable cute thing.

Oh Baymax, you inflatable cute thing.


Special thanks to Walt Disney Studios and Columbia Pictures Philippines. Big Hero 6 now plays on a theater near you.


Yuri Mangahas

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