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Here’s What We Learned About Arrow at San Diego Comic-Con

It’s been a week and a couple of days since upwards of 100,000 thousand people descended to San Diego for their yearly pilgrimage to the biggest comic convention in the world. It’s also been a week and a couple of days since we found out what’s ahead for Team Arrow when they return for the seventh season of Arrow.

The cast and crew of the show, including stars Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Echo Kellum, Juliana Harkavy, Colton Haynes, and Rick Gonzales along with executive producer Beth Schwartz wowed the audience at Ballroom 20 and teased us of what’s to come for our favorite vigilante and co.


The show gave us our first real taste of what’s to come when they showed a two-minute promo filled with the hard-hitting action that we’ve come to expect from the show and one Oliver Queen in prison with all the people that he put away—and that’s not a good situation for Oliver to be in.

“It’s really bad. He’s in prison with a bunch of people he put in prison,” Amell said during the panel.

And with Oliver in prison, it seems his family on the outside just might be having as much of a bad time as he is. Emily Bett describes how Felicity and William will feel “alone and scared” when we see them again this fall. Although Felicity might not take thing lying down.

“I think just as Oliver is watching his back, Felicity is tired of watching hers and she’s going to take some action,” Rickards told the audience.

It also seems that Oliver’s young son William will have a lot of things to deal with in season 7.

“I think William’s arc is the most interesting arc of any character on the show,” Amell shared.

As for how Oliver’s stint in prison will affect Team Arrow, Rick Gonzales says that it will be “the crux of the season, seeing how Rene interprets Oliver’s directive to [the team].” We’re just going to have to wait and see if Rene Ramirez will “find his way with the mask or without it.”

Diggle on the other hand is dead joked David Ramsey. After having a bit of a laugh we later find out that Diggle is actually with A.R.G.U.S.

Now we get to Roy. The biggest surprise coming out of the show’s sixth season was the return of star Colton Haynes. We know Ollie is in prison so who’s the new mysterious man in the Green Arrow suit running around Star City? Could it be Roy Harper donning the costume for Oliver once again?


But just because he’s back doesn’t mean that he’s the same Roy that we once knew. Haynes is back as a series regular this season. The only thing Haynes would say is that Roy is “not the same person” when he comes back to the show.

Roy isn’t the only one who’s making a return. Diaz is still out there and he too is coming back.

Other than Diaz who are the other villains we’ll meet this season? It seems we’re going to meet the Longbow Hunters, which comprises of Red Dart, Kodiak, and Silencer.

Despite all these teases and the little insight that we get for what’s to come the biggest moment of the panel happened when a young girl named Sara opened the fan questions.

For those of you who have not followed Arrow as they made their yearly appearance at SDCC, Sara is a young cancer survivor that Amell met at last year’s panel after she thanked the star for his F*ck Cancer initiative. Amell in turn gave her a necklace and made a request that she bring it back to him this year.

There was not a dry eye in the audience when Sara came back this year and fulfilled her promise to give back Amell’s necklace. As a thank you, Amell jumped off the stage to give her a bow that he stole from the Arrow set.

Now, I have tears in my eyes remembering that moment. Here watch the first look at season 7 that they showed at SDCC while I wipe tears from my eyes:

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