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BLUE BUSTAMANTE Superb Dramatic Poster Revealed!

“A father who works abroad as an OFW ends up secretly playing a superhero role in a Japanese TV show.” BLUE  BUSTMANTE is a  family drama-comedy that focuses on the story of a jobless OFW who becomes a double for Blue Force, a superhero character in an upcoming Japanese show. Written and directed by Miko Livelo, with screenplay together with Joel Ferrer, Blue Bustamante is their entry to the Cinema One Originals Festival which runs from November 11 to 19.
Blue Bustamante is an independent film that doesn’t really showcase the Philippines’ version of Sentai or Power Rangers but focuses on the life of working abroad. This film will no doubt be induced with seriousness and comedy judging by the recently released trailers. But one thing’s on my mind recently, Blue Bustamante maybe the silent blockbuster of the year! Watch the trailers here.

November 12 (Tuesday) – 10PM Glorietta *PREMIERE NIGHT*
Glorietta screenings:
– Nov 13 (Wednesday) 12:00nn
– Nov 15 (Friday) 2:30pm

Robinsons Galleria screenings:
– Nov 15 (Fri) 10:00pm
– Nov 17 (Sun) 2:30pm

Trinoma screenings:
– Nov 15 (Fri) 12:00nn
– Nov 18 (Mon) 7:30pm

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