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CINESB Movie Review: LAUM – A Heartwarming Tale of Dreams And Hope

See, I have a soft spot for kids. It touches my heart whenever I see them playing around, talking with other kids, musing about their fantasies and dreams. It just feels great, which made it easier for me to like LAUM, one of the featured flicks in Cinesb.

The movie centers on the titular character Laum(her name directly translates to hope, which is the movie’s central theme), an optimistic and hardworking kid who works everyday in order to raise money for her small family. One day, she meets a cluster of people with varying views about riches,which causes her to believe that the best way to get rich is to obtain a Barong. This pushes her to do odd jobs for an entire month just to get the money needed to buy her dream Barong.

I have to say, this is probably one of the best indies I’ve laid my eyes on(me and our creative director share the same sentiment). The shots are nicely done, and the angles complement all of the scenes perfectly. The actress who played Laum is also exceptional. She was able to bring justice to her character, whilst bringing an air of appeal to the viewer. The pacing is also spot on, and the script’s very witty. Also, their decision to use a faux documentary as a backdrop is neatly executed, which drives the storytelling element of the movie. The ending is something I didn’t foresaw to happen. It definitely struck multiple chords of my throbbing heart.

Laum is a fresh breeze of air in the indie scene. My inner self tells me that this deserves accolade, and I’m betting it will happen soon.


Special thanks to Cinesb for allowing us to catch all the entries of their film festival’s The Chair category.

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