Posted April 29, 2017 by Jag Garcia in Movies/TV

Erik Matti Talks OTJ Series, Sequel

Erik Matti shares his plan of taking On The Job to the streaming service, HOOQ.

In a recent video, the director talks a sequel to the 2013 crime thriller is in the works, slated to release before the series to be made available to HOOQ subscribers.

“With the kind of layers that we have in the original On The Job movie,” Matti explains. “we knew that we could explore it [length]. You could explore the characters… the plot in depth.


“It has everything we all loved about how OTJ tackled the different sectors of our country,” he added. 


“It’s going to push On The Job to a much bigger level.”

Erik Matti’s On The Job series will definitely break down barriers yet again. Apart from being a HOOQ-exclusive, Erik Matti’s On The Job is one of the, if not first, Filipino content made exclusively for premium streaming.


On The Job became a cult hit for its refreshing take on the Filipino action movie genre. The gritty style Matti became known for fused well with his storytelling on modern day corruption. The star-studded cast did not hold back either, carry a depth of their characters not often seen in today’s Philippine cinema.

While we shiver in anticipation for the upcoming series, you can still catch OTJ streaming in HOOQ.

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