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30 years ago was the birth of one of the most loved movie franchise of all time, The Ghostbusters! Almost everyone who grew up or was born during the 80s know what the Ghostbusters’ theme song was and the famous catch-phrase: “Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!”. To celebrate the history and success of the movie franchise, a 30th anniversary Blu-Ray Edition would be released on September 16, 2014 featuring both the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II movies.


The 2 disc anniversary Blu-ray edition would include both movies and a limited edition gift set that includes a Slimer figurine and a 2 disc Digibook which would be made available for a limited time only. The films are remastered in 4k and in high definition. This 30th anniversary Blu-ray Ghostbusters would definitely be a treat and would make your experience a whole lot better compared to the first time you watched the original movie.

The 30th anniversarsy Ghostbuster Blu-ray collection of course wouldn’t be complete without the commentaries and never-before-seen deleted scenes from the original Ghostbusters’ movies. It even includes the original music video for the Ghostbusters II movie “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown (which I do not even remember. I would have preferred the original theme song instead). Lastly, it would also include a new interactive “Slimer mode” which is a new picture-in-picture viewing experience.

Also we’ve included a Ghostbusters Infographic to celebrate the 30th anniversary and for some good-to-know and classic information that you might not know about the Ghosbusters.


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