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Probably by now,you already know or might have heard of Jeremy Lin. Linsanity is a documentary about his life and his journey to basketball stardom.. Im a big comic book fan but its just as equal with the love that I have for the game of basketball.

Linsanity is directed by Evan Jackson Leong who had filmed Jeremy Lin since his playing days at Harvard University and until his entry to the NBA. The documentary is narrated by Korean American actor, Daniel Dae Kim (Lost). The funding for Linsanity started at Kickstarter and received funding for $167916 pledge by around 2000 people.

A lot of people in the basketball never knew Jeremy Lin until his rise with the Knicks back in 2011. Linsanity chronicles Jeremy Lin’s basketball career from how he started playing in his early age, high school, college and how he got to the big league, the NBA.

Linsanity is a montage of home made videos showcasing Jeremy and his family. Linsanity lets us in on the life of the Lin family. Jeremy’s parents were very supportive of his passion for the love of basketball, the close bond that he has with his brothers and his faith.Linsanity talks about Jeremy’s faith. How his love for God is above anything else. As how Jeremy would say it in his life there are 3 things that he love God, his family and then basketball. Linsanity shows a more personal side of Jeremy Lin. It doesnt only shows Jeremy the basketball star, his acolades in basketball but also how he is as a human being. Basketball stars as portrayed by the media, lives the lifestyle of the rich of the famous but Linsanity isnt like that. In Linsanity you wouldnt see the life of glamore of the basketball life. Its actually a day in the life of Jeremy Lin. Like any other guy who loves basketball, and dreams of making it into the the big league, the NBA. Linsanity is full of basketball highlights but it also shows Jeremy’s personal life like when hang-out and goof around with his brothers and family, do shopping, play piano and even DOTA. Yes, Jeremy Lin does play DOTA.


Jeremy Lin Art


Linsanity is a great documentary. Not only does it tell the rise of the underdog from being a nobody to an overnight star, there’s more to Linsanity than that. Linsanity shows that at the end of the day were all humans. We dont always get what we want, we get cut from the team, we fail, we get hurt but still persevere, stand up, dust it off and try again. Linsanity shows how hard work pays off. Jeremy Lin may not be as great as other basketball others but he is a star in his own right. Linsanity is not an overnight sensation, Jeremy deserves to be where he is right now. Jeremy Lin earned to be in the NBA and he has the talent to prove that. He wouldnt have stayed in the league if he isnt. Linsanity could only be a preview of great things to come and if you follow the NBA you know that it just might. Even if you’re not a fan of the game, doesnt even know a thing about basketball, Linsanity the movie is definitely a good watch.

Rating: 8 basketballs out of 10.



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