Posted April 8, 2014 by Xavier Villaluz in Movies/TV

MOVIE REVIEW: RIO 2 — Does It Soar With Flying Colors?

Blue, Jewell and their three kids face new adventures and new challenges in Rio 2, as they leave the city of Rio behind and venture of into the Amazon to find their kind.

Rio 2 is a nice movie to watch with the family as the plot moves away a bit from Blu and sheds more on Jewel and the family. Don’t get me wrong, Blu still deals with adjusting himself to new environment, and is very comedic doing so! There are a lot of well placed humorous scenes that will make you laugh throughout the movie.

Notably, there are some serious moments with in the movie that actually deals with raising a family and fitting in. It actually adds depth to the plot which gives it a nice touch. The graphics are amazingly vibrant, colorful. There’s actually alot more graphic detail put in the movie, adding in more detail. I would strongly suggest  watching this in 3d to get the full Rio2 experience.

There’ s great musical numbers  as well. Aside from Will.I.Am , adding their voices to the melodious mix are Grammy winner Bruno Mars playing as Roberto, and Kristin Chenoweth playing as the Nigel -smitten Gabi the frog.

To sum it up, good family movie, great plot, amazing graphics. We give four feathers for Rio 2.










Xavier Villaluz