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Movie Review: The Darkest Hour

Here’s a review for the film The Darkest Hour from 20th Century Fox starring Emile Hirsch and directed by Chris Gorak.

So is the movie really worth seeing or is it just another Hollywood film in eye-popping 3D that’s lackluster?

In my humble opinion, this movie is definitely worth the hype and the fanfare that came along with it. While it does not really spell “SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER” the film definitely provides awesome effects and lots of thrill as well as a bit of great moments.

The Darkest Hour plays on a our fears in a major way. It’s a good movie because it successfully encompasses our inherent fear of the unknown. It’s one of the better sci-fi/ suspense movie because you literally get swept on the emotions that come along with it.

We’ve all experienced being really scared of the dark. Admit it. Now the movie works around that fear plus another classic fear, which is xenophobia or fear of strangers or fear of the foreign. Blending this two gets us the main opponents for this alien-invasion movie starring Emile Hirsch.

The opponents in the film are invisible and, just as what the trailer has shown us, can only be given away by light bulbs or other electrical objects. So there are no monsters, no hulking behemoths; just the dead silence and the creepy looking scenery of downtown Moscow. Plus ash. Tons and tons of ash coming from the incinerated victims of these glowing alien invaders.

The movie which also stars Emile Hirsch who’s proven time and time again that he’s a talented young actor (sure he did the live-action Speed Racer film as well as the classic The Girl Next Door opposite Elisha Cuthbert.) So yeah, its basically Speed racer versus the aliens in this film. While there were some parts of the film that he did show that he was a capable actor, there were also some scenes that showed some signs of weaknesses for the actor. But thats forgivable since the film has such a nice and unique plot.

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Earl Maghirang