Posted December 17, 2013 by Ryan Villanueva in Movies/TV

MOVIE TRAILER: 22 Jump Street


22 Jump Street is the sequel to the original hit movie, 21 Jump Street. In 22 Jump Street , Channing Tatum (Jenko) and Jonah Hill (Schmidt)  goes undercover again at a local college.  Their undercover police station, a Korean Church was bought back by the Koreans and they were forced to move to the next church across the street at 22 Jump Street. Just like the original movie, 22 Jump Street would have Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill go undercover as  college students to investigate ongoing drug deals and try to catch the supplier of the drugs at their college. In the trailer we also see Jonah Hill sporting an “emo” look or possibly glam rock in one of the scenes. There’s also another scene in the 22 Jump Street trailer that feels reminiscent or may be even a parody to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys scene.

As to how Channing Tatum says it in the trailer: “We’re back”. These boys are back indeed. 22 Jump Streetstars Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller released by Sony Pictures. No official date has been given regarding 22 Jump Street’s release date but it would be sometime in the summer of 2014. I also included a parody video of Jenko’s (Channing Tatum) epic split. A parody of Van Damme’s epic split in his commercial for Volvo. The video was shot at a shooting location for 22 Jump Street.

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