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Tohoku Announces Seven New GARO Projects

Rejoice, Tokusatsu fans! Various GARO titles have been announced at the annual Garo: Golden Wolf Thanksgiving fan festival, including two new TV seasons for some of their spinoff shows. garo06

In commemoration of the franchise’s 10th year, Tohoku gleefully revealed that the year 2015 will bear witness to a big slew of Garo productions taking underway. The first project announced is Garo: GOLD STORM – Soar, a theatrical follow-up to 2013’s TV spinoff Garo: Yami No Terasu Mono(The One Who Shines In The Darkness), and will serve as a bridge leading to the latter’s second season, GOLD STORM. It is scheduled to air in Japan come Spring of 2015.

It was also mentioned that a second season has been ordered as well for the currently ongoing Garo: The Animation(commonly known to fans as Honoo no Kokuin, or The Carved Seal of Flames). The first to feature a plot unrelated to the main continuity of the saga, it tells the story of Leon Luis, a young man who is shaped by his father to become a strong Golden Knight, whilst engulfed in a scheme to decimate all Makai Knights and take over the Kingdom of Valiante.

Furthermore, Tohoku added that a sequel movie for 2014’s Garo season, Makai No Hana is now undergoing initial production phase, with its lead actor Masei Nakayama set to reprise his role as Raiga Saejima. A spinoff special entitled Biku: Yamigirinochi had been announced as well, featuring Makai No Hana’s character Biku. Finally, the reveal event closes with the announcement of Makai Opera, a musical directed by series brainchild Keita Anemiya.

A screencap from Garo: The Animation's second episode.

A screencap from Garo: The Animation’s second episode.

Check the debut trailer for Garo: Gold Storm above!





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