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Excerpts from my Rock of Ages  review on my blog Thefanboyseo.com

Warner Bros. brings a classic broadway musical to the big screen with some heavy hitting names like Tom Cruise who plays the role of rock star Stacie Jaxx as well Catherine Zeta Jones and Alec Baldwin just to name a few.

While the film shares a LOT of elements there were some things from the play that was dropped and some elements that were rehashed or changed. I won’t call it a bad thing, more of a surprise. (Yes I’m guilty of reading the wikipedia entry for the ROA Broadway version).

Anyway both the film and the play was based on a book written by Chris D’Arienzo which revolved around 80’s fashion and music and the overall trend during that decade. There’s a variety of colorful characters we get to meet during the first act of the film but the main characters are Sherrie (a small town girl) and Drew (just a city boy) who meet and fall in love.

I really don’t want to spoil too much about the plot both to preserve the excitement and at the same time to make you realize that you want to watch the movie. Here’s what I can safely say about the revised plot for the movie (supposing you’ve already seen the play); you can expect at least 85% of the story intact. The remaining 15% gets chucked to provide a “feel good” ending which actually works.

Let’s talk about the other stuff from the movie. Hmmm. We can focus on the music. Yeah that’s right. The songs that appear in the film are totally cool. It takes you back to the time when nobody has even head of the Jonas Brothers or Justin Beiber. It was a time when guys like me were either still in our diapers or just learning our first words.

In short they have a staple of good song selections. Can I get a “hell yeah” when I say that the first season of Glee ripped as much songs as possible from the set list of this awesome play/ movie? We’ve got classic “hair bands” like Def Leppard, Journey (with Steve Perry and not Arnel Pineda), White Lion, and much more.

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