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Shane Black: New Director/Writer of Iron Man 3?!

Looks like Robert Downey Jr. may be getting a familiar face to work with even with Jon Favreau’s departure as director of the Iron Man franchise, as Marvel is now in talks with director Shane Black to helm the next installment of the armored avenger’s adventures in film!

The Hollywood Reporter and several other movies sites like Screen Rant report that Black, who directed RDJ in his post-rehad comeback film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is in negotiations to direct Iron Man 3, and he may also be attached to the project in a writing capacity as well. If this ends up being true, then not only is it reuniting Downey Jr. with Black, but it may also add a new layer of action that’s much needed in the franchise. Shane worked on all four Lethal Weapon films, and it’s action comedy punch may be what ol’ shellhead’s next film needs after the lukewarm reception everyone got from Iron Man 2 (not that it was a bad film, but it lost the charm the first film possessed and had too much emphasis on leading on to The Avengers rather than being a stand alone film). Since things haven’t been confirmed yet, let’s hope Shane Black wins the director’s chair for Iron Man 3.

.For more info, visit the source posts at THR and Screen Rant.

Iron Man 3 comes bursting out to theaters on May 3, 2012.


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