Posted October 19, 2010 by Timzster in Movies/TV

Sherlock Holmes 2 first set photos revealed!

Movie news sites ComingSoon and Screen Rant have unveiled the first set photos of “Sherlock Holmes 2“, which brings Robert Downey Jr. back in the titular role, along with Jude Law returning as his partner, Dr. Watson. Rachel McAdams is also rumored to return as Irene Adler, albeit in a smaller role than last time.

Directed once again by Guy Ritchie, the film will pick up where the first film left off, as Holmes attempts to outwit and challenge the new arch-nemesis he made in the first movie in the form of Professor Moriarty, who will be played by actor Jared Harris. Noomi Rapace is set to be the female lead, while Stephen Fry plays Holmes’ estranged older brother, Mycroft Holmes. For more set pics and the gallery, check out ComingSoon!

Sherlock Holmes 2 opens in theaters December 16, 2011!


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