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THERE IS HOPE: CSB Film Students Takes Spotlight At CINESB 2014

De La Salle – College Of Saint Benilde (CSB) took Flipgeeks as its first ever partnered geek site for their Indie Film Festival – CINESB 2014Cinesb is an annual film festival which sets the spotlight on the independent film industry, but mostly focuses on the new generation of writers and filmmakers.

Last week, that spotlight was on the films by students from CSB, mainly from last year’s best thesis works. The Flipgeeks gang went there not expecting anything big from the students’ work, but we were really surprised on what we saw.

It was my first time attending a film festival, even though I’m aware of the various indie films festivals or venues such as Cinemalaya and events held by Cinema One. Cinesb screened a lot of short films by the CSB students and what really amazed me was that this new generation of filmmakers has the spark that the local industry needs.

I was surprised in the quality of their works, Not all of them gets a score of 100 but you can see from their works that they truly have the potential in making high quality films.

There were quite a few notable entries such as “Ang Walay Kahumanang Adlaw”, “The Black Rook” and my favorite “Laum”. But all in all, it was really great to see that the films featured in the festival tackled a lot of themes and issues – political, religious, social, and gender-based issues. We believe that these kinds of themes, are essential to what the local indie films are about and it’s really great to see them in these films.

There is hope. We saw that spark from the CSB students and we applaud these young filmmakers and we can’t wait what they do in the future.  Here are some of the posters of films that were shown last week:








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