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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. In case you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World (review can be read here) this would be a good time to back out of this article before I spoil anything for you or if you’re brave enough then read on.

Probably by now you have seen Thor: The Dark World and as you might have watched, there were two post credit scenes in the movie. I would only discuss the mid-credit scene as there really is nothing to discuss with the other post credit scene. I write this article not for the fans but for people who just got into the Marvel Movie Universe and has no clear idea what the big revelation on the mid-credit scene was. In almost all the Marvel Films that have been released there is always a teaser at the end of each movie. Marvel teases regarding a new film, a new movie character or a teaser for a possible sequel. I wouldnt go over them one by one but just the ones connected to Thor: The Dark World.


The Collector played by Benicio Del Toro

In the mid-credit scene for Thor: The Dark World, we see Volstagg and Sif in a mysterious location to visit The Collector. The Collector (Benicio del Torro) collects different items across the Marvel Universe. In the movie Sif gave the Collector the Aether (the power stone) which is part of the Infinity Stones. The Infinity Stones or more commonly known as Infinity Gems in the comic book universe is part of the Infinity Gauntlet which gives God like powers to whoever wields it who in this case happens to be Thanos (the purple guy you might have seen in The Avengers post credit scene). The other Infinity Stones which takes part of the Infinity Gauntlet are Space, Mind,Soul,Reality and Time. The Infinity Gauntlet was actually first revealed during the first Thor movie, it was inside Odin’s vault.

This scene is important to the Marvel Universe because we all know that the Tesseract (mind stone) is on Asgard and its interesting to know how all the different stones would come together as one as it is revealed that Thanos would be in the next Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. So far Marvel had released 2 out of the 6 Infinity Stones and we have yet to wait for the other stones to be revealed. We would possibly know more about the Infinity Stones/Infinity Gauntlet in the next set of movies that are part of the Marvel Movie Universe Phase 2 films namely Captain America:Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. What we learned on Thor: The Dark World ‘s mid-credit scene is just the tip of the iceberg and just like any other fan I’d be glad to know what comes next!



For a visual explanation of the Thor: The Dark World’s mid-credit scene let me share with you a video I have found on Youtube.

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