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Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray and DVD Package details!

Last year’s cinematic movie blockbuster movie hit Tron: Legacy was a smashing success for Disney, and now with plans for another sequel on the way, fans of the film can soon treat themselves to the ultimate Tron experience right at the comfort of their own home!

Via websites The Digital Bits and Kotaku, here is a glimpse at “The Ultimate Tron Experience” – which contains in a deluxe box set the Blu-Ray 3D version of Tron: Legacy, a regular Blu-Ray conventional version of the film, a DVD version, a Digital copy version, and finally a Blu-Ray disc of the original 1982 Tron, entitle Tron: The Original Classic Special Edition Blu-Ray! If you’re feeling the collector vibes of excitement right now, you have every reason to be. This baby also includes a replica of the Identity Disc all of the characters wear in The Grid, so it’s a perfect set to get for the ultimate Tron fan!

Alternatively, various standalone versions of Tron: Legacy and one for 1982 Tron will also be available, as well as a 2 Movie collection set that features the original Tron movie as well. Those who want to budget their purchases can still get their dose of Tron goodness in these formats. No street date has been given as to when these will hit stores, but it’s rumored to be sometime in May or June, with news that a pack in teaser for the next Tron movie may be included in the extras as well! For more info, visit the source posts over at The Digital Bits and Kotaku!


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