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The Best of 2017 in Movies, Animation & TV!

Ica Cheng (Writer, Movies, TV and Animation, IG: @ica_cheng)

Best TV Show: Stranger Things Season 2
The return of our favorite kids from Hawkins is no “Sophomore Slump”- the much awaited season 2 of the Duffer brother’s “Stranger Things” proves why binge watching is such a big part of modern entertainment as we know it.

New characters, a play on the team dynamics, a little side trip for Eleven, character feature on Steve Harrington and #JusticeForBob make for Twitter trends and lots and lots of memes, which is always a good indicator that a series is well loved by an audience that is dependent on social media.

Aside from memes and trends, “Stranger Things” continues to entertain by using its old techniques and developing its cast of already well loved characters.

This is going to be a series, which will be a pop culture staple for a good more years to come.

Best Film: Wonder Woman
With super hero movies now a choice amongst cinema viewers every few months in a year, they have been dismissed as films to simply bring in the box office numbers and not really have that much relevance as a film; a good popcorn movie to enjoy-yes but anything more than that has something yet to be seen.

Until Patty Jenkin’s “Wonder Woman” came along that is.

A game changer for “super hero flicks”- Wonder Woman brings back the essence of being a “hero” and the sacrifices that it entails. Its been so long since a scene from a movie has been celebrated and revered as much as “No Man’s Land” but here are critics, pop culture fans and cinephiles singing praises to this hair-raising scene in the movie. Wonder Woman has shown us that even a “super hero flick” can offer more than just entertainment but it can also be enjoyed as a pure cinematic experience as well.

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