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A Storm Is Coming, As History Unveils VIKINGS Season 4’s Book 2 Trailer At SDCC

Rather quietly, History’s Vikings has evolved into arguably one of the better programs on television. With ratings for each season climbing steadily, the show progressively improves each year. The series may not have the mass appeal of Game of Thrones – another series to which Vikings is constantly compared – but History’s critically acclaimed program has garnered a fervent fanbase over the years nonetheless.

With Viking‘s mid-season finale ending on Ragnar Lothbrok’s unwelcome return, a lot of questions were raised about the future concerning the unpopular leader, his people, and his sons. “Who wants to be King?” Ragnar proclaimed – a question that has yet to be answered. Fans may not yet know who is to take up the mantle or what is to become of the reviled king, but fortunately for those writhing in anticipation for more news concerning Vikings, San Diego Comic-Con has given word on the series’ return.

History’s Vikings has debuted a brand-new trailer (above), teasing the aftermath of Ragnar’s return along with an all-out war against England. Taking up arms against the aforementioned European country are the king’s sons and an army that appears to intimidate the rest of the world. Secret alliances, betrayal, Ragnar’s captivity, and plenty of visceral action sequences were all teased in this preview of upcoming events.


Brand new poster for Season 4’s second half. Photo by History.

No official premiere date has been given, but fans were left with the confirmation that the series is indeed returning this fall. The split marks the first time in the history of the program in which a season was divided into two, 10 episode halves, so there is not much to speculate on or any history to base an educated guess off of concerning the series’ return. In other words, fans will just have to stay tuned and we will share Vikings‘ second half premiere date when the information becomes available.

With an interesting, albeit sometimes inaccurate depiction of the legendary Norse warriors,Vikings has a wide variety of intriguing stories to tell within this period of history. Vikings has, since the beginning, featured excellent acting and additionally has displayed an ever-evolving maturity in its writing. As alluded to earlier, each season of History’s acclaimed television program is arguably better than the last. Character backstories are refined and relationships have been fleshed out, providing audiences with an interesting and entertaining historically based tale.

For fans of the series, this trailer is grippingly exciting, inviting us all to partake in the second half of season 4, and for those who have yet to check out History’s Vikings, now might be the perfect time to catch up before the program returns later this year.

Vikings Season 4 is slated to return this fall.

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