Posted May 18, 2017 by GP Manalo in Movies/TV

Scott Derrickson’s Snowpiercer TV Series casts Hamilton Alum to Star!

Everyone’s favorite fighting Frenchman from the Broadway hit, Hamiton is set to star in the TNT’s TV Series adaptation of Snowpiercer. And Much like the sleeper hit film by Korean Director Bong Joon-ho back in 2013, the series is said to be “a futuristic thriller that is set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland,” where “class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival” plague the last “remnants of humanity.” Those who did survive are said to inhabit a “gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe.”


Diggs is set to be a character named Layton Well; an entirely new character that wasn’t seen from the 2013 film or the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige. Wherever he falls in the train remains to be seen. The Series is also said to have Scott Derrickson, of Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Sinister fame, will be at the helm for its pilot and an executive producer throughout the entire series.

What do you think of the Snowpiercer series and its addition of Hamilton alum and Doctor Stranger helmer? Have any hopes for the TV show? Talk about it at the comments down below!

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