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Its morphing time! A phrase that every kid my age, who up to this day knows by heart. 20 years ago the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were born. I remember back in the day I used to watch the show every week religiously. Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly and of course, everyone’s favorite the Green Ranger, Tommy became household names. Every kid wanted to be a Power Ranger. My initial favorite was Red Ranger and when Tommy became part of the show, the Power Rangers even became cooler! Tommy played by Jason David Frank also turns out to be the longest lasting ranger, as he is the only ranger who is still part of the show after all these years.


The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Locally, the Power Rangers weren’t the first Sentai show that we were introduced to. Sentais or better known as Super Sentais are shows that features a group or task force of super individuals. Early sentai shows like Bioman (Choudenshi Bioman) and Maskman (Hikari Sentai Maskman) were the first sentai shows that were popular locally before the Power Rangers came out in 1993. The Power Rangers was actually an adaptation of the Japanese Super Sentai show and converted into US television. However, instead of having the show dubbed, the action scenes were taken from the original Super Sentai that show cases the Power Rangers fighting the monsters while they just shot the live action with the human actors.


The newest set of rangers..Power Rangers Megaforce

Over time the Power Rangers had different shows that spanned more than 700 episodes and had transformed into different variations during the course of their 20 year history which also produced 2 feature films. Here is the list of the different Power Ranger shows:

1.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
2.Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
3.Power Rangers Zeo
4.Power Rangers Turbo
5.Power Rangers in Space
6.Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
7.Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
8.Power Rangers Time Force
9.Power Rangers Wild Force
10.Power Rangers Ninja Storm
11.Power Rangers Dino Thunder
12.Power Rangers S.P.D.
13.Power Rangers Mystic Force
14.Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
15.Power Rangers Jungle Fury
16.Power Rangers RPM
17.Power Rangers Samurai
18.Power Rangers Super Samurai
19.Power Rangers Megaforce

20 years ago I didn’t expect that the Power Rangers would actually last this long. All I know back then was the Power Rangers was a cool kid’s show. I think it’s also because of this show that the phrase “Please Don’t Try this at Home” was first used as every kid was trying to relive the action of the Power Rangers in their own way. People who are now in their 20s or in their early 30s, we all grew up watching the Power Rangers. For the toys, the costumes, the tv shows, the movies, the joy of using our imagination and being our own make belief power rangers and more importantly, for letting us have an awesome childhood experience, a big THANK YOU and Happy Anniversary to the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS!


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