Posted June 4, 2015 by Miguel Asistio in Movies/TV

A New Animated Series Coming Soon For Capcom’s Main Man, MEGA MAN

This past June 2, Japanese video game publishing company Capcom, responsible for beloved franchises such as Street Fighter and Ace Attorney, announced today on its official website that a new series featuring company mascot Mega Man will debut to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the face of Capcom, though certainly not the only way in which they’ll be celebrating the festivities.

They couldn’t have picked better people to helm the project, with none other than the team that called itself Man of Action in the reins. With award-winning projects such as the show that defined Cartoon Network for a new generation, Ben 10, and the Marvel Comics property-turned-Disney movie Big Hero 6, they surely have more than enough expertise to bring the Blue Bomber back into prominence.

Duncan Rouleau, part of the Man of Action writing quartet alongside Joe Kelly, Joe Casey and Steven T. Seagle, in a statement to go along with the official announcement had this to say about the project. “The 1990s Mega Man TV series was cool and different than other series targeted at kids during that time. Mega Man is a character that is even more relevant for today’s kids, and we are really looking forward to creating something new that still respects the long tradition of the character.”

While Mega Man has not had  a new video game to his name since 2008, he has last been seen as a playable character in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. The Mega Man animated series is expected to debut sometime in 2017.

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