Posted March 17, 2018 by Nadine Flores in Movies/TV

Santa Clarita Diet Stars Visit Manila

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant graced the red carpet event to promote season 2 of the Netflix horror-comedy Santa Clarita Diet. During the short interview at the event, the stars revealed some details about what season 2 is going to be: bloodier, funnier, and the Hammonds might just need to save the world.


Drew and Timothy also shared a bit about their experiences during filming, both admitting to have a great time on set and working with each other. When asked about his character, Timothy even joked: “first of all I want everyone to know [that] if my wife starts eating people, I would leave her.” (His words, Mrs. Olyphant, not ours!)

They also gave us a few fun facts: it wasn’t their first time coming to the Philippines. Drew had previously been in town about two years ago to bring her makeup line in SM Malls, while Timothy stayed in Davao for a brief period during his childhood. Drew also revealed how she stuck to a vegan diet while filming, which kinda sounds ironic for playing a flesh-eating realtor.


The two seemed overwhelmed by the number of loving fans (and onlookers) that flooded the venue, and of course, they got a taste of our signature Filipino hospitality as a manong sorbetero went onstage to give them a treat: it was a cup of ice cream topped with bloody fingers and an eyeball. Yum!


Nadine Flores