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TV REVIEW: The Flash S2E10 – “Potential Energy”

The newest episode sees the return of the scarlet speedster in the small screen and Barry must continue to carry the weight when it comes to building up the show’s momentum.

Plot Summary:

After the previous episode, The Wests’ are trying to bond with their troubled long-lost son and brother, Wally.  Barry is on a dilemma when it comes to whether or not he should reveal himself as The Flash after nightmares of Zoom killing her, and how he’s not being honest with her when he calls her off to attend to his superhero duties. And while that’s going on, Harrison and Cisco may finally have an answer to how they could defeat Zoom with a meta-human who could slow everything down.


A Breather

TheFlash2Ironically enough, this episode does slowdown from all of the Zoom and Earth-2 shenanigans, as this episode was more of a breather to flesh out most of the show’s growing cast of returning characters with some new faces. Nothing exactly big happened until the last few minutes of the episode, but it was nice to have some small funny and dramatic moments between its characters. It is needed after all since it has been a month since we last saw Team Flash and it was nice to catch up with them through some great banter and fun moments. There were also a lot of serious moments here and there that are quite effective, especially for Harry Wells of Earth 2 revealing more about Zoom and seeing on showing how hell-bent he is in getting his daughter back.

Grant Gustin and Shantel VanSenten further the dynamic between Barry and Patty in this episode with just the right amount of awkwardness and sweetness throughout the episode. Patty being the central focus this time around when it comes to pressing matters in making this relationship work for both of them.

A Refreshing Freak of the Week

The show goes back to some familiar territory in this episode; having the “freak of the week” this time around be an Earth-1 metahuman and actually serves as a greater purpose on what’s to come when it comes to him being the answer Team Flash needs to defeat Zoom. It was a fun introduction and a wake-up call too considering that there were thousands of people were struck by the particle accelerator accident and The Flash is there taking out only one villain for a week (leaving Barry be totally clueless that everyone knows about the Turtle’s evil-doings but him). Despite the silly name and outfit, he was still an intimidating villain for the Flash to fight and was well played by Battlestar Galactica alum, Aaron Douglas.


An Awkward MomentTheFlash3

At first, the conflict began quite odd in the episode when it comes to Wally and Joe making accords to each other and making it work between them. It was weird to me because Wally shows up at the door looking concerned or looked as if he had an emotional purpose to go to a family never knew he had, only to have him act like a dick to them a few minutes later. But almost everything is forgiven when the “big reveal” occurs and newcomer Keiynan Losdale as Wally West worked great out of the material given to him in one episode. Jesse L. Martin as always brings the hits to his performance as Joe West when it comes to bringing the laughs and the tears, but more so the awkwardness too especially when it comes to having a bond with a son you didn’t even know he exists until now.

Note: Also, how come nobody noticed the red and yellow streak in that scene where he failed to catch The Turtle the first time?

Conclusion :

The returning episode is not quite the big episode that one would expect after a seemingly long break but it was still nice to see everyone back in a well-balanced episode of action and drama that shows a lot of potential for the second half of season 2.

Rating: 8.5/10


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