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TV REVIEW: Young Justice Invasion Episode 8 – Salvation

TV review for Young Justice Invasion S2E8 entitled “Salvation”

The wait is officially over as Young Justice Invasion begins anew. This week’s episode’s revolves around Roy Harper (the original Speedy) who was recovered by Red Arrow in Tibet during the last episode.

It’s dramatic as can be especially since the rest of team is also reeling in from the “death” of Artemis. For a Saturday morning cartoon there’s tons of teenage angst and dramas which makes for interesting bits and pieces. Aside from Speedy’s personal vendetta against Lex Luthor the episode also shows us how Superboy (Conner Kent) celebrates his birthday now that he and Megann (Miss Martian) are no longer together.

Episode 8 isn’t all sad and gloomy as there were several sequences which featured a lighter story for the gang. There’s some character building for Beta team’s Impulse who finds something in common with Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) over legacy and junk food.  It’s also interspersed with the Bumblebee’s bridal shower which is attended by the surviving female members of team (again minus Artemis believed by the team to be “dead”). Oh and that bridal shower turns into a disaster when Captain Cold decides to rob an armored truck in from of them.

That moment when you just want to sing a Spice Girls song for sheer Girl Power

Yup, girlpower indeed.

Anyway the title “Satisfaction” is a play on the feelings of most of the characters. There’s Jade/Cheshire’s demand for satisfaction over the death of her sister Artemis, Sportsmaster and his new vendetta against Black Manta. More importantly Satisfaction is also something that Roy Harper was looking for. He felt weak after his 8 year absence and wanted to become something more of what he is.

While the episode ends trying to be happy, it sure leaves you wanting to see more which we now can thanks to the return. Good episode. WELCOME BACK YOUNG JUSTICE!

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