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The 2014 Flipgeeks Rundown — In Comics!

As 2014 come to its final few hours, there were a lot of shocking, awesome, unbelievable and well, unexpected news that came in the world of comics. We came up of a quick rundown of the most notable announcements and surprising news, not only by the Big 2, but also from the publishers that made their way in the comic book scene.



10. The Return of Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man.

With the All Marvel Now! slated early this year, everyone was intrigued, especially the fans of the web-swinging champion, when Marvel announced that Humberto Ramos and Dan Slott will be featured in the returning Amazing Spider-Man series. There were number of expectations raised up because of the existing standard for the title character. However, that didn’t bother the creative team.

Published last April 30, 2014, Amazing Spider-Man #1 was published and many readers were relieved. Slott gave justice in writing the character as the web-slinging, wise-cracking Peter Parker was finally back. Readers were instantly in groove in Slott’s writing style. Ramos, on the other hand, won the readers’ hearts as he brought back Spidey’s natural agility that was shown in his art.

It seems like Marvel got this pretty much where they wanted.

9. John Romita Jr. Joins DC Comics.


Geoff John was doing good knock-outs in writing Justice League and Forever Evil, and with his past experience in handling Superman based on his previous works, like Superman: Secret Origin, it was no doubt that he’ll be given a chance to write another opportunity to poised his pen to write stories about him.

But this time, DC Comics had another knock-out. The Man of Steel got all-new creative team and John Romita Jr. was on the list. This long time artist of Marvel took everyone to surprise as he left Marvel to cross over the boundaries of DC Comics.

Last February 4, 2014, DC All Access released a video clip regarding the collaboration of Johns and Romita, which astounded the worlds of both Marvel and DC world. Johns stated that the Superman that he will be writing depicts things about the Man of Steel that the readers have never seen before.
So far, Superman never looked so good.

8. Matt Fraction Steps Away From Inhumans and Fantastic Four.


2014 was indeed a year of change, as another amendment came across Marvel’s First Family’s creative team.

Around August, Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoot confirmed that Fantastic Four #12 and FF# 11 will be the final issues of Matt Fraction. But, not only that, Fraction also stepped away from writing Inhumans too due to “creativity shifts”.

Marvel Editor-In-chief Axel Alonso, stated that Marvel and Fraction came into an awareness that they weren’t on the same page, and no one would benefit if they will still tried to force something to work out. Fraction also stated that they tried their best, but creative differences between Marvel and him paved way to this conclusion.

As for the moment, Fraction is still under duty in writing Hawkeye and his amazing collaboration with Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals for Image Comics, which was garnering a lot of attention.

We are wishing Fraction a good luck in his future endeavours.

7. The Death of Wolverine


There was rummaging reactions coming from a lot of fans about this news. “How will Wolverine die if he has mutant healing powers?” Unfortunately, this time around our ubiquitous X-Men character will die without this legendary power under the writing hands of Charles Soule and Steve McNiven.

Last April, editor Mike Marts told Entertainment Weekly, that there will be a four-issue weekly series featuring Logan’s last days as he comes up against an enemy that he cannot win again and he cannot fight against.

Thus, concluding that The Wolverine was indeed no more.

Or has he? Let’s see what’s in store for The Wolverine next year.

6. Batgirl Gets A Make-Over


After Barbara Gordon get paralyzed, she faced the greatest challenge ever — getting a make-over.

Around the month of June, DC Comics announced that Batgirl was getting a new creative team and sporting a brand new look, as writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher tagged newcomer artist Babs Tarr, takes over Batgirl’s story. Stewart and Fletcher were no strangers to DC Universe, but for artist Babs Tarr, it will be an opening door for a new perspective for Batgirl fans.

Not only that Batgirl will re-evaluate her life in this new series, but she’ll be donning a new suit. No more spandex or skin-hugging body armor, but Barbara will be seen wearing a yellow pair of Doc Marten boots.

So far, the new look of Batgirl got the female audience go-gaga to her practical superhero suit.

5. Spider-Verse Presents All New Gwen Stacy


After everyone witnessed the heart-breaking death of Gwen Stacy, Marvel announced that there’ll be a new girl in Midtown that will learn that with great power, comes great responsibility.

And who will it be? It’s Gwen Stacy!

This announcement had taken a lot of Spider-verse fans into a whirlwind of speculations. Many were skeptical, others were curious and some readers were excited. Under the artist Robbi Rodriguez and writer Jason Latour, Edge of Spider-Verse #2 featured the crossroads in the life of Gwen Stacy, as a teenager and a struggling super hero, and not to mention as the daughter of NYPD Police Chief.

Due to the amount of the reactions around this news, it not only brought a new perspective to who Gwen Stacy was, but also brought the readers further to the world of Spider-Verse. After the release of this issue, readers demanded more of her presence and thus, Marvel is  now prepping up for Spider-Gwen-centric series that is set to release next February 2015.

4. Marvel Welcomes Back Star Wars


After Dark Horse’ two-decade run with sci-fi’s most epic saga, Star Wars returns to Marvel.

Marvel dropped the news last July as they released a statement during SDCC 2014. During the Cup O’ Joe panel, Marvel came helmed with an broadcast that there will be three new Star Wars comics, and the first series will have their kick-off on January 2015. The 2015 Star Wars series will featured the team of Jason Aaron and John Cassaday.

It was also revealed that the series for 2015 will kick off a brand new story that follows the events of “Star Wars: A New Hope” and expect a new cast in this new adventure in the galaxy far, far away.

Are you excited? Stay tuned for the updates.

3. Sudden Cancellation of Fantastic Four


It all started in a rumour after the announcements of the Fantastic Four movie reboot which stated that the story and the concept will be far off from what it is in the comics, but it seems like the negotiations between parties had come up to a very sour conclusion.

Marvel stated that they were refusing to do any promotions of the upcoming reboot. Thus, pulling all the Fantastic Four related art and merchandise. The First Family didn’t even appeared in the company’s 75th anniversary project art, and in the end, cancelling the comics.

However, from the June’s solicitation for James Robinson and Leonard Kirk’s Fantastic Four, it was announced that Fantastic Four # 642-644 will be the closing act, thus confirming that it was the final issue of the said series. Many fans were in rage around the news in why the series get cancelled so easily but not the other titles. Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter stated that the series had been in a bunch of suits and the sales had been lagging over the past few years, thus making the decision easy in their end.

The fans were still in the lurch but their hopes are still. The question is this really the end of Fantastic Four?

2. The New Thor Is A She?


Lo and Behold, there is a new wielder of the Mjolnir and she is a female. Wait, what?

Yes, that was also our reaction.

Last July, Marvel surprised many of its audience as they revealed that the new Thor was a mysterious female. The brand new series will featured the art of Russell Dauterman under the writing skills of Jason Aaron. Aaron emphasizes that she is not a She-Thor, or the Lady Thor, but this is the new Thor of the Marvel Universe, and she will be different.

To the shock of many readers, Marvel stated that this character wasn’t a temporary substitute and just like Black Widow, Storm and Captain Marvel, she’ll be one of the newest addition to the team of strong female characters of the company. So far, the female Thor series is having a good run and readers are starting to like her attitude.

The only question left to us is, who she is? Speculations from left to right popped up about her identity, but we’ll see if 2015 will give the answers to this questions.

1. Surprises from Image Comics: Image Expo 2014


This year was indeed a year for new tastes and new perspective, as Image Comics made their way to their year expo and had a plethora of its creator roster in attendance to announce the new-line up that will hit the bookshelves such as: The Bitch Planet, Nailbiter, Airboy, Tech-Jacket, The Wicked and The Divine.

Also the expo surprised their audience as Robert Kirkman told his plans for Invincible #111. Rick Remender announced a new collaboration with Greg Tocchini for 60-issue series entitled “Low”, Scott Snyder and Jock’s “Wytches”, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ five-year deal with Image, wherein they can do whatever they want. Matt Fraction was also there as he discussed his series like Sex Criminals and the upcoming “Ody-C”.

2014 was truly the year of Image Comics as the comics that were launched during the expo soared high and fared well in the comic book scene.

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