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5 Comic Book Titles That Can Be Adapted Into Movies

Today’s generation of comic book fans are extremely lucky. We live in a time where our beloved comic book titles are being adapted into movies, bringing our paperback heroes even closer to and larger than life before our very eyes. But if you all noticed, most of those comic book titles being turned into flicks are the more popular ones like Spiderman, X-Men, Superman and the like. Hardcore comic book collectors also yearn for the lesser known titles to have their time in the movie spotlight (Jonah Hex, 30 Days of Night and The Losers so far have made that accomplishment).

So let’s ask ourselves, why not give the lesser known comic books a chance at further recognition via the big screen? So without further ado, here are some comic book titles that has the potential to be made into movies!

1. American Vampire
Possible Cast: Sam Rockwell as Skinner Sweet
Possible Director: Marcus Nispel (Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

If the movie Nosferatu was considered the Father of all vampire movies, American Vampire would be its rebellious and unforgiving offspring if it was made into a movie. Written by the formidable team of Scott Snyder and Stephen King, the stereotypical vampire has been re-imagined in ways far from what anyone has ever expected. If American Vampire receives offers to have a movie adaptation, it will definitely be remembered as a fast paced, dark-as-hell movie that has the potential to create its own franchise in the long run. Oh, and did I mention that this would be the GORIEST vampire movie so far if it does become a movie?

Sam Rockwell, with his uncanny skill in portraying psychopaths and cunning villains, is tailor made for the role of Skinner Sweet, the deranged and bloodthirsty antihero and titular character. Truly, American Vampire as a movie has the power to single-handedly redeem the dying vampire movie genre.

2. Preacher
Possible Cast: Guy Pearce as Jesse Custer; Clint Eastwood as The Saint of Killers

This is hands-down the most controversial choice in this list. If Preacher, with its masterfully written yet highly provocative story, ever makes it into the movies, it will most definitely go through a very rough road in being shown in cinemas nationwide. That is, if it ever gets shown here, given our country’s strong Catholic faith (Da Vinci Code treatment, anyone?).

However, given these facts, Preacher has actually been long-deserving to be given the movie treatment due to its rich background story and complex characters. The Preacher, Jesse Custer, is a small-town minister who can be described as a wounded soul who and he faces extremely powerful enemies both of the divine and demonic kind. Armed with “The Word” thanks to a possession by the entity known only as Genesis, Jesse becomes as powerful as the God and the Devil himself and begins a violent campaign across the country in search of answers from the Creator Himself.

3. Daredevil Reboot (Marvel Knights)
Possible Cast: Karl Urban as Matt Murdock/Daredevil; Vincent Cassel as Stick
Possible Director: Pete Travis (Dredd, Vantage Point)

Let’s face it; the 2003 Daredevil movie was a major flop. In fact, it was so bad that Ben Affleck, who portrayed Matt Murdock refused to do a sequel of the story of The Man Without Fear. Given the flak it received, it’s just right that Marvel redeem this popular Marvel superhero’s name in the form of a reboot, and give it the treatment it so deserves. A deeper origin story is a good way to start. With the proper casting, directing and most especially the writing of the script, a reinvigorated and fresh Daredevil will go the distance if done right. Karl Urban is a perfect candidate to portray the new Matt Murdock. After his gritty, dark take on the Judge Dredd movie reboot, Urban has all the acting skills necessary to portray Daredevil the way he should be: Tortured, Straightforward and downright remorseless.

4. Wildcats
Possible Cast: Gerard Butler as Spartan; Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Warblade; Norman Reedus as Grifter; Terry Crews as Maul; Megan Fox as Zealot; Mark Strong as Hellspont
Possible Director: Guillermo del Toro

Wildcats gained further mainstream popularity when an animated TV show was made them in the early 90’s. It’s been a while since anyone has seen Spartan and the rest of the team. Wouldn’t now be a great opportunity to restore them to their former glory in a grander stage in the form of a movie? Gerard Butler is the first actor to come to mind in playing Spartan, the leader of the Wildcats, given his capability to give an edgy and laudable performance as an action star. The Wildcats are the Wildstorm comics’ answer to Marvel’s The Avengers and could possibly lead to the revival of the now-defunct publication just as long as an ensemble cast is carefully planned along with a director with enough experience in directing successful movie adaptations of comic books.

5. Trese
Possible Cast: Maja Salvador as Alexandra Trese; JC De Vera as Maliksi; Gabby Concepcion as Anton Trese; Jake Cuenca and Sid Lucero as The Kambal; Emilio Garcia as Talagbusao
Possible Director: Erik Matti

It has been a favorite topic among Filipino comic book forums. Trese fans have long clamored for it. In fact, a thesis film has already been made for it. So one can only imagine how much of a reception Alexandra Trese would receive when she is finally seen fighting supernatural forces in the big screen. Erika Matti has proven himself the most qualified director in taking the helm of today’s quality Filipino action/horror movies, so it’s just right that Trese as a film would be given to him to direct. Also, Maja Salvador, with her fine acting chops and slight resemblance to Alexandra Trese, will surely be able to give justice to the character she could be given the responsibility for. Should this happen and if it’s done right, Trese could also become the longest and most successful movie franchise in Filipino film history, beating the Shake Rattle and Roll franchise in the process.

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