Posted August 6, 2012 by Tony Tuason in Comics

BATMAN and his AIR JORDAN shoes

It’s just a few weeks after the lastest Batman movie — The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), hit Philippine cinemas. And some of us are still into the Dark Knight craze – some can’t believe the Nolan Trilogy is over, and some are still thinking if another Batman could ever top it. But, for the pleasure of the bat-fans we’re gonna share to you a little info about Batman — the fact that he wore Air Jordan (yep, Nike. Jordan shoes.)

It wasn’t Chrisitan Bale in TDKR who wore it, but it was the Michael Keaton batman who did. Well just see the images below if you don’t believe us:

Cool, huh?! Those are customed AIR JODAN 6s. Well if you’re prepared to see another cool thing check out these Air Jordan 2012 Lite Superhero Pack – Batman and Superman shoes (below). And if you’re a sneakerhead, fan of air jordans, you might wanna visit our friend’s site at mikezanity.


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