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CALLOUS COMICS goes to crowdfunding for it’s 20th Anniversary

Creator of Callous Comics, Carlo Jose San Juan, has announced the title for the series’ next book, Braving Life One Cup At A Time. As well as his crowdfunding campaign for it. The series has reached its 20th Anniversary which is why the creator plans on stepping things up a notch for its next book release.


“I wanted to come up with a book that would commemorate this epic milestone.” Said Carlo. “Furthermore, it is my hope to have it distributed to major bookstores. However, that would require a lot of inventory and a lot of initial investment. A crowdfunding campaign was suggested to me by the international comic community and I was delighted to find that there was just as much interest for it abroad as there was locally.”

The book will contain more than 150 pages featuring selected comics strips published at callouscomics.com and Manila Bulletin from 2013 – 2016, as well as remade strips previously published in black and white. Compared to the previous published comic books of Callous Comics, Braving Life One Cup At A Time would contain different features.

“There will also be some great guest art featured, a look back at the last 20 years of the series, and my comic production feature! The previous books had stapled spines while this one will be “perfect-bound”, like a proper book!”

When asked about the reason behind title of the book, Carlo explained “The slogan of the series had always been “Brave the World!” which refers to Cal Duck’s spurring of Dr. Rianne to rediscover herself and the world around her after spending many years putting all that on hold to become a doctor. The two of them jumpstart their days with cups of coffee. So they go through life’s adventures, taking each day as a brand new one, starting with a rejuvenating jolt of caffeine!”

Callous’ crowdfunding campaign isn’t just limited to those locally, but is available internationally since the webcomic has readers in different parts of the globe. Carlo has set up an Indiegogo page filled with different tiers and perks for pledgers towards the campaign. For those in the Philippines, kindly contact the series’ Facebook page for details to pledge for the crowdfunding campaign.The deadline for the campaign is on August 11, 2016, in order to have the book available during AsiaPOP Comic Con – Manila 2016.

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