Posted March 11, 2014 by Nicolo Parungo in Comics

Chris Yost and Craige Kyle Take Over “Amazing X-Men” in June and Bring Colossus With Them


The rag tag-writing duo who created the hit cartoon X-Men: Evolution have returned to the X titles, taking over Amazing X-Men from Jason Aaron who is the current writer of Thor: God of Thunder and will be working on Marvel’s next event Original Sin along with artist Mike Deodato as well as creator owned series Southern Bastards.

Christopher Yost and Craige Kyle have previously worked on the third volume of X-Force way back in 2007 and co created X-23 during their time together on X-men: Evolution and are currently writing the third live action Thor film. The duo will begin their run on issue eight of Amazing X-Men after a one shot by Katheryn Immonen and Paco Medina on issue seven with plans to bring Colossus back to the good graces of the X-Men after his stint on Cable’s X-Force. Artist Ed McGuinness will be staying on board with the team.

Amazing X-Men #8 will be available in June.

Nicolo Parungo