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Comic book review for Age of Ultron # 1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch.


The world is in shambles in the opening pages of Age of Ultron # 1, New York is laid to waste and there’s total disorder all around. And that’s only half of the stoy laid down in the first issue for Marvel’s new event book.

It’s pretty obvious the way people are not talking about this that Age of Ultron has fallen victim to event fatigue. After all, it hasn’t been a full year since AVX # 1 and here we are again with status quo changing stuff. Marvel hasn’t also gone down the hypebeast wagon on this event. Usually you’d see a week full of teasers but in this case, we’re only seeing four to five teasers and that was months ago.

Anyway, this new book is actually pretty interesting. The world is in ruins and rather than telling the story from the start, we drop right in the middle when Ultron is already king and guys like the Owl run things on the street level. Hawkeye (who I now like to call Hawkguy) is on a secret mission which only he knows. Without spoiling too much on this book, he’s off to risk his butt to save a fellow Avenger whos been captured by the badguys.

Age of Ultron # 1 doesn’t show us the beginnings of the story but rather it shows us what the world has become and how things now operate with the new robotic management. The dialogue is pretty strong here and shows depth and character which is good. In my opinion, some time away from Avengers did good to Bendis’ writing.

Ang ganda ng drawing ni Hitch for Age of Ultron # 1. It’s very intricate and very detailed, from fallen SHIELD hellicarriers to rundown apartments used as supervillain headquarters, Hitch knows how to draw period. My only problem in this issue was that the action scenes featuring Hawkguy was very similar to the action scenes that were drawn in Ultimates 2. Other than that I’m a very happy fanboy with Age of Ultron # 1.

Another great thing about Age of Ultron # 1 is the cover.


Suddenly it’s the 90s again with that cover. Still, pretty sweet looking cover.

Coolest moment in this issue would also have to be the last page. Something that would probably have major ramifications throughout the series. Also, what the heck happened to She Hulk‘s hair? Still, her new buzzcut looks good on her.


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