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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man The Movie # 1

Reviewing Amazing Spider-Man the Movie # 1 by Tom Cohen and Neil Edwards

The Amazing Spider-Man premieres in theaters nationwide June 29, 2012!

• As Peter Parker swings into action as Spider-Man, he’s about to face his first challenge as a super hero!

• But how did he get there? Go “between the scenes” with this story-inspired and based upon the new The Amazing Spider-Man movie!

• Featuring Gwen Stacy, Captain George Stacy, Dr. Curt Connors and the rest of Amazing Spider-Man gang as they come to cinematic life!

Don’t get confused with the title. It’s not really an adaptation of the movie so there are no spoilers in this issue.

What’s fun to read about this book is that it actually tells the story of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and all the colorful cast of characters that live in their world. The art for this book ain’t so bad either. It’s realistic and just keeps the story going.

The really impressive thing about this book and this particular issue however is the writing. We get to see a Peter Parker that’s so different from the Parker of old and yet he’s very much similar to the classic Parker.

The way that writer Cohen puts the words on Parker’s internal monologues and dialogues with the people around him ain’t so shabby as well. He’s awkward and very average. Nothing so special but at the same time makes him likeable for readers and new fans who are starting to pick up on the new Spider-Man franchise brought to us Marc Webb and company.

As I mentioned earlier, the art is nice. There were some points in the book that I actually went “Holy cow, this artist should be doing an issue or two of the actual ASM books”. But we know that won’t work especially since Slott is pretty fine working with his crew (Ramos and Caselli).

Overall, this book is safe to pick up if you want to sate your appetite for anything related to the new Amazing Spider-Man movie. It’s also great for new fans who are entering the scene via the movie starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans. Most importantly it doesn’t alienate the old school Spider-Man fans out there.

Verdict: 8/10

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