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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: An issue that has more questions than answers, REVELATIONS #2

revelations2cvrIn this issue of Revelations, Charlie Northern continues the investigation about the death of a cardinal who’s in line to be next pope. This is big case for Charlie Northern as not only does this involve a prominent figure in the Church but murder scene is in the heart of Vatican. Revelations #2 starts with a recap with what happened during the first issue. The way it was written feels like you’re watching a television series (the closest I have in mind is Sherlock) with Charlie narrating previous events. He did well that if you jump right in on the second issue you probably would have an idea what the book is about and then you could just read the first issue at a later time. (you can read my review of the first issue here).

Revelations #2 sees the introduction of Lucy Pelliccia, the new counsel, who according to her introduction is handling the accounting part of the case. The first meeting between and Lucy was instantaneous, a few couple jokes and they looked like they we’re colleagues for a long time. It’s curious to see how this relationship between Charlie and Lucy develops and what Lucy’s role would be in the story, is she an asset or a distraction to this case?

There are a few disturbing scenes in this issue as well, involving some sort of cult. The graphic depicts people in black masks performing a ritual or a blood offering that uses a goat as a sacrifice. This part of the story only confirms that there is a big conspiracy within the Vatican and the involvement of Cardinal Tosscianni  only confirms that there is more to this than being a simple case of murder. Another recent development to Revelations #2 is the information leaking to the press. Charlie was suddenly swamped with reporters at the Vatican and he could only wonder how was the information leaked and who is trying to derail his investigation. Without revealing too much information regarding the second issue of Revelations, Charlie towards the end tries to put the pieces of information together and he came up with a surprising conclusion that may turn around this case, that this wasn’t really a murder after all but something else.

The art for this series is consistent; I’d say that in my opinion, this would probably one of Humberto Ramos’ finest works. The different angles/perspective he uses in his panels really gives that vibe that its like a television series in comic book format. I love his attention to detail he gave on the architecture of the buildings, the fountains, he basically drew a complete scenery of Rome in this issue. I only noticed it now but this issue wasn’t ink at all, looking closely to the drawings the art was either drawn using colored pencils directly and colored with pastels, I may be wrong but definitely not digital as how most comics are made these days. I love the classic and sketchy feel to the art of this book.

Like any television series ever made just when it’s getting down to the good parts, the show (or in this case, this issue) ends. Revelations #2 is a nice development to the story, it lives up to the title of the book, it only reveals information that would keep you wanting to know more about what happens next in this series and the full Revelation at the end. Revelations #2 provides more questions than answers in this issue. Yes, Charlie may have uncovered relevant information to the case but at the end you’ll think about the possibility about Charlie being right and what other secrets  is the Vatican is trying to hide. With Revelations #2 just being the second issue you know that there are more Revelations to be made on this series but so far this book is headed in the right direction.

rating: 8/10

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