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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Avengers # 23

Reviewing Avengers # 23 by Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuna.

Avengers # 23 to put it bluntly is not a good book to pick up especially if you’re a new reader. I’ll tell you this, its a nice title to pick up if you managed to read Bendis’ previous Avengers-centric stuff such as “Siege” or “Dark Reign” or heck even “Dark Avengers” but again, the flagship Avengers book is not for everybody.

So what makes it a great read for those who consider themselves up to speed with current Marvel continuity? For starters, its a direct fall out from the events of “Siege” and even the “Osborn” miniseries a few years back. We are now seeing Osborn trying to get his position back again and making sure that the Avengers are “punished” for the crimes they committed against him.

Captain America for example has to endure watching an army of hulks dismantle and possibly kill US Soldiers who are negotiating a truce between Osborn’s crew and the US government.

While the issue might seem sad, you had better take heart because it’s starting to build into a bad ass climax and it better be because the payoff looks big. Not to mention Osborn as a threat is starting to become old news already. Oh and there’s the fact that there’s also an Avengers movie coming out in a few months together with Avengers vs X-Men.

So before I rant any further lets go back to the topic at hand. Avengers # 23, as mentioned earlier was a great book for people who have been following the series. It’s thick with mentions of past events as well as a megamalomaniac villain we could all learn to hate.

On the flip side however, Osborn does make a solid point. In a real world scenario, are these heroes really above the law? Are they actions really justified for the “common good”? These sort of questions are the things that makes Avengers a compelling read.

Acuna’s art once again delivers for this issue after Renato Guedes’ (Wolverine) stand in. From the dejected look of Captain America to the reaction of turncoat SHIELD agent Dr. Washington, everything worked perfectly.

Everything except being open to new readers.

Verdict: 8 out 10

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Earl Maghirang