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Comic book review for Avengers # 4 by Jonathan Hickman and Adam Kubert sponsored by Comicx Hub.


In this issue we finally find out the secret origin of the Avengers’ new recruit, HYPERION.

The Good: There’s a couple of things that I want to praise in this new issue. One we’re finally shifting the spotlight from Captain America and Iron and we’re moving away from the ‘Avengers World’ concept for a bit. This issue plays out to showcase who Hyperion is, what he can do and what’s Hickman got in store for the Superman pastiche. It’s definitely a nice touch to retell the origin of Hyperion and see a bit of his Squadron Supreme past.

Before the relaunch of this new volume writer Jonathan Hickman has stated for the record that there will be significant ties between what’s happening in Avengers and New Avengers. Well folk, he wasn’t lying about that as we our boy Hyperion here is indeed a connection between the two seemingly random cases in the two books.  The art and the dialogue explains a lot about Hyperion and there are some humorous moments inserted to make the story lighter. Kubert’s work here is definitely stronger than what we’ve seen in the final issue of AVX while long-time collaborator Laura Martin provides awesome colors to round up the issue.

The Bad: Seriously we’re expected to accept the concept of A.I.M. Island? I know it’s made appearance in other Marvel books but it’s kinda hard to like the idea. It’s much like that old 52 concept where all the big brains get flung into an island only this time the big brains wear beekeeper uniforms.

While Kubert’s work is stronger here I’m still seeing spots here and there and I wonder if we’ll ever see Kubert back into fighting form. Not much of a criticism on this one but I did notice that there’s a dumbed-down amount of babble in this book. I’m chucking it here on the bad because now it seems lacking.

VERDICT: Overall I like AVENGERS # 4. It’s a one and done story set in a larger, more complex story arc and we get to see that Hyperion’s a lovable guy, far different from the Hyperion we saw in Avengers volume 3…


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Earl Maghirang