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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman # 13 & Batgirl # 13 – Death of the Family

Comic book review for the bat-books tied-in to the “Death of the Family” storyline.


Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo.

Death of the Family” officially begins this week with the first part driving the point. The whole issue is basically about Joker resurfacing after being quiet for one year (which is apparently a sum total of 12 issues plus one zero issue).

Batman‘s eternal rival makes a grand entrance in the book through several means including killing police officers. There’s a very shocking (for me at least) ending for the book that’ll make you probably want to pick up the next issue.

Capullo’s art is pretty wicked. I’ve always stated that when I review the Batman books here (and when I do the spoilers on my blog). He’s a good fit to Snyder’s writing style as well as for the book’s dark-and-gritty tone. This one however ups the ante in terms of dynamism and facial expression.

I’m really not so sure about the way Bats was written for this issue especially since he’s all confused and perplexed by The Joker’s mysterious motives. Heck there’s a segment in this issue wherein its Alfred Pennyworth who gets to solve the puzzle that the Joker has placed.

I can forgive that flaw however because I’m accustomed to the idea that the Joker is a predictable SOB.Honestly, I cannot wait for the next issue of Batman.

The copy that I bought from Comicx Hub is also cool because it features the die-cut cover. It’s such a collectible in my eyes that I wouldn’t mind getting all the tie-in books just to have a complete set.

VERDICT: 10/10




Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Ed Benes

Another die-cut cover featuring Batgirl done by Greg Capullo again.

Caveat Emptor – while the book proudly brandishes the “Death of the Family” banner, the book has like only a few pages that deal with the actual problem.

Call it pacing or whatever you want but I’m mildly disappointed by what DC did to this one. We all could have waited for the current story arc to end before we see a full issue of Babs dealing with the Joker but we don’t.

Rather we see the last issue’s story closing with a twist ending and then get our taste buds sated a bit of Alan Moore.

Ed Benes’ art is exceptional for this one. The amount of cheesecake-iness has been dumbed down. There’s also pretty obvious evidence that he could have done better with a different colorist.

If there is anything that you’ll learn from Batgirl # 13 its that the Joker definitely knows who the members of the Bat-Family now which is scary especially since he’s already made his move to take down one important member.



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