Posted February 6, 2013 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman and Robin Annual # 1

Comic book review for Batman and Robin Annual # 1 by Peter Tomasi and Adrian Syaf courtesy of Comicx Hub.


If you’re dead tired of reading stuff from the ongoing “Death of the Family” but still want to get your fix of Batman, then Batman and Robin Annual # 1 IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.

This issue is basically a ‘Batman on vacation’ issue as Damien Wayne sets up a scavenger hunt for his daddy dearest Bruce. While Bruce is away on a holiday Damien plays big boy and takes on the mantle of Batman foiling criminals and going to as far as solving a mystery which begins in the opening pages of the Annual. Oh and Damien does so wearing this:


The art on this book is pretty. Not stellar but it’s above your average artwork. The same can be said for the colors and for the paneling in this book. The dialogue is standard Damien-y. Tomasi definitely shows a whimsical side to his take on the New 52 Robin. The fun factor gets kicked up a notch here when we also find out traces of Alfred’s old life, which we rarely see especially in this rebooted universe.

Overall Batman and Robin Annual # 1 is a great one-and-done story that you should pick up if you want a sunnier Batman tale outside of the grim “Death of the Family” storyline.

Verdict: 4/5

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Earl Maghirang