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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman Incorporated # 3

Comic book review for Batman Incorporated # 3 by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham

The mystery and the long standing plot of Leviathan continues in the third issue of the second volume of Batman Inc. This time we shift our focus from Batman, Robin, Alfred and Nightwing to a more street level setting. This issue is also another significant one because it marks the return of classic silver age character Matches Malone and it also sets the stage for the appearance of a new hero who goes by the name of Redbird.

Morrison continues to wow us with his “primera klase” writing. In this ish alone we get a sneak peek into how deep the mysterious organization run by Talia Al Ghul.

This also reintroduces Matches Malone, a sort of go-to-guy in Gotham City.

Well there’s really very little that can be criticized about Morrison’s new Batman Inc book. It’s packed tightly and is complete with all the necessary stuff that made Morrison’s run such a critically acclaimed book. We have death and deep running conspiracy and we even have Damien Wayne running around Gotham City calling himself Redwing.

Art-wise, I’m starting to enjoy the work of Chris Burnham. Its has its own caliber and I can actually say right now that he’s on par with guys like Frank Quitely and Philip Tan. He’s got solid lines and nailed the facial expressions down pat.

Overall, I love the book, it could do with some speedy pacing though.


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Earl Maghirang