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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Bravest Warriors #13

I’ve always liked Adventure Time. And when Bravest Warriors came along, I thought “Wow, I’d take anything from Pendleton Ward.” But that’s the animated series I’m talking about. So when I discovered and picked up the comics, boom! I found love. It’s the same fun and crazy butt-kicking action with the adorable teen heroes and their warrior animals, all in a jolly book that could be easily picked up anytime for a casual read.

Kaboom!‘s Bravest Warriors #13 however, takes a break from the usual routine. Yes they do make a quick fix of Iron and The Periodic Table of Evil but this issue focuses on the origins of the animal-themed weapons we’ve known for so long. Amusing, since the character Chris Kirkman himself questioned how come this topic has never been brought up before. Guess we have the leader of the Elementals to thank for that awfully convenient to the plot question of where they got the “magnificent toys”.

Eric Esquivel played with that idea and instead of giving us a straight boring story, he cooked up some outrageous and unbelievable weapon secret origins instead, from trippy desert hallucinations to childhood stories and star tyrants. Gotta love the creativeness put into this issue filled with quirky humor which not only let’s readers play around with the idea of the Bravest Warriors’ baby steps but also with their character as well, since their tales very much reflect who they are. As for the question whether there’s some glint of truth behind the origin stories, who knows? It’s Bravest Warriors for chrissakes! I’d rather enjoy the story than think deep and get nowhere in this series!

I’d like to talk about Ryan Pequin‘s short story, too but it was just plain gross. Funny and amusing, but still gross. Such a “neat” way to pack things up. As for the art and colors, Mike Holmes and Lisa Moore‘s works here are wonderful as ever. I especially loved how they did Danny Vasquez’ desert trip, packing up some nasty cray-cray moments for him. Oh and that violent Beth from her kindergarten days looks so adorable.

With the trippy theme and dysfunctional childhood story, I’m not really sure why this title’s together with Kaboom! Children‘s imprint. But then again, I’m not really sure why Pendleton Ward stories are even allowed for consumption by children. Couldn’t care less though, as long as I get to enjoy the comic book as much as I enjoy the series. For people who love the weird humor of the show, might as well give this book a chance as it sure brings some new, but still the same Bravest Warriors kind of fun.

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