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Reviewing Earth Two # 2 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott from DC Comics


Things become more interesting in the second issue. We’ve seen a lot of major deaths in the first issue so its high time that we see the birth of new heroes. In the case of Robinson’s Earth Two, these “newborn” heroes happen to be core members of the Justice Society of America or JSA.

Earth Two # 2 has also become quite controversial thanks to the revelation that its actually the not-yet Green Lantern Alan Scott that gets a change of sexual preference.

The main question thats been begging for an answer is whether or not this book is warranted to get your 200 pesos out of your wallet. The answer my dear friends is a resounding yes. You’ve got a developing pool of classic JSA characters being “reborn” in this world. Plus you’ll also start seeing what evil lurks in this “other” earth. I found it ironic however that Mr. Terrific makes his grand appearance on this Earth only to be taken down in a few panels.

There’s also this huge splash showing the outcome of the terrible attack on Earth via the Parademons of Apokolips. But what truly amazed me was the richness of materials that Robinson and Scott had in their little play pen. I’ve seen Tyler Corp banners, plus a boxing match with Ted Grant (Wildcat) and much much more. That particular page alone will remind you how diverse and how big a story the creative team can put in this ongoing.

Basically, what I’m saying about Earth Two # 2 is that its filled with potential teasers, great character moments and nice surprises towards the end. And just like Astonishing X-Men, there’s also a marriage proposal within the pages. Sadly we may or may not see the end game for that plot because things, well you have to read the book to find out.

One thing that bothered me with Earth Two # 2 however would have to be new redesigns for the costumes or Flash’s costume rather.

Other than the weird costume they gave Jay Garrick I’m pretty much happy with how things are panning out for the characters here.


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